Diversity Supply Chain

Together we are Stronger

The GGLBC builds on the strength of its members. Together, supported by our corporate partners, we create a stronger local and national LGBTIQ business community. In partnership with our umbrella organisation – the EGLCC (European LGBTIQ Chamber of Commerce) we strengthen our European links and broaden our potential customer base.

The GGLBC was inaugurated on 6th July 2019 at the IHK Cologne. Since then it has been busy developing a platform for connecting growth oriented, creative and innovative LGBTIQ businesses with corporates that recognise and support the opportunities an inclusive and diverse supply chain offers.

Supplier Diversity

The world is connected by global and local supply chains and many multinational corporations (MNC) have seen the value of widening their scope to include diverse suppliers. Their rationale for making inclusive supply chains a priority range from a business commitment, to social responsibility, through to the desire to be a competitive and dynamic leader in the market place.

LGBTIQ businesses are ideally positioned within this nexus to provide not only expertise and insight but also an entree to the varied and affluent diverse markets MNCs seek. LGBTIQ businesses are also well placed to anticipate the future needs of these markets and to respond swiftly and creatively to any new opportunities.

In addition to the growing interest from MNCs, an increasing number of investment groups are keen to invest in companies committed to supplier diversity. By linking with the GGLBC, companies can illustrate this commitment. In turn, LGBTIQ businesses can enhance their market position by registering (free) with the GGLBC and applying to become a certified LGBTIQ-owned and operated business.

Alongside providing its members with a platform from which they can capitalise on a wide range of new business opportunities, the GGLBC is also committed to providing a space for building a strong, resilient and connected network of LGBTIQ businesses. As a member of this dynamic and growing community, we empower each other and together we advance our shared mission.

Whilst our primary mission is to develop our LGBTIQ business community and provide a key point of contact for corporates interested in doing business with us, we are also dedicated to the social responsibility that comes with representing a wonderfully diverse body of people. To this end, we intend to use this platform to raise awareness and promote inclusive ways of working.

Registering with the GGLBC

This is a free service. If you would like to become a member of the national chamber, please follow the link and complete the self-registration form.

Becoming a Certified LGBTIQ Business

Companies that are at least 51% LGBTIQ-owned and managed/operated can then apply for certification via the GGLBC. Clear guidelines are provided during the application process and support is available where needed. The assessment is carried out by external assessors.


We look forward to welcoming you to our Business Chamber.